Management and development of real estate assets, project management and construction.

Equipe Reunia


REÚNIA was founded in 2008, formed by experienced professionals who exercised management and leadership roles in major Portuguese and foreign companies in the real estate and construction sector. Currently, REÚNIA is active in Portugal, Spain and Angola.

The company is divided into 3 divisions: Real Estate Management, Project Management e Construction.

We aim to help and guide our clients to take the most appropriate actions to preserve and increase the value and liquidity of its real estate assets, as well as supporting their better development.

Founded by experienced professions with managerial capacity and accountability in national and multi-national companies, both in the real estate and construction sector.

It is our mission to manage and develop Real Estate, for third parties, with profitability as our main objective.

The real estate product value chain requires a high degree of interdisciplinary specialization. The proper management of the value chain, by collaborating objectively to improve the return on investment, is a competitive advantage.

Reúnia Advantage

Interdisciplinarity and Competitiveness

Three levels of service adapted to the needs of your company or your real estate asset, applied in a global perspective of development and aiming at the best profitability.

Integral Solutions and Specialization

A clear competitive advantage through a full service solution with a high level of expertise and the possibility of immediately starting the management and development of your real estate assets.


A diverse and qualified team, with extensive experience in the development of real estate projects and civil construction.

Rui Meneses Ferreira

Real Estate Management

João Guerreiro

Project Management

Armindo Alves

Engineering & Construction

Our History