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Real Estate Management and Consulting

Real Estate Auditing and Consulting

Advice on finding the best solutions for the profitability of Real Estate Assets. Due diligence and real estate audits.

Comprehensive Real Estate Management

Reúnia provides Property Management Services in the several stages of developing a real estate project, based on a prior identification of an opportunity or from a project that is already underway, being able to intervene in different stages or in a global manner - from the initial study to completion / delivery to the client.

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Opportunity Analysis

. Identification of Opportunities
. Economic Studies
. Grants and Funding

Strategic Product Definition

. Market Analysis
. Commercial Briefing
. Contesting of Ideas

Urban Management and Licensing

. Urbanism
. Traceability
. Management of Licenses Authorizations

Project Development

. Draft
. Project Architecture
. Engineering Projects
. Coordination
. Matching Economically

Implementation and Control of the Works

. Contest
. Commissioning and Contract
. Implementation and Control of the Works

Marketing and Sales

. Marketing and Communication
. Real Estate Mediation

Delivery and Post-Sales

. Preparation of Delivery
. Bookkeeping and Delivery
. Post-Sales

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